Gravitational-Waves and EXo-planets


Announcing Arthur's latest project working with Astrophysicists Samaya Nissanke and Jean Michel Desert, and creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast to realise an audio visual 360 experience featuring Samaya and Jean Michel's latest discoveries in the fields of Gravitational Waves and Exoplanets. The experience will introduce, immerse and educate audiences in a magical and inspiring show. 


Arthur Jeffes


Arthur Jeffes is a musician, composer, and producer working out of London. 

He is the founder and frontman of the iconic band Penguin Cafe and is one half of the band Sundog (with Oli Langford) and Aparat (with Mark Springer). 

Other work includes composing film scores and most recently producing Sam Lee’s highly acclaimed album 'The Fade in time', released in 2015. 


In 2012, Jeffes was commissioned by the artist Nelly Ben-Hayoun to write several pieces for the NASA Kepler Project to be played by the International Space Orchestra. The pieces “1420” and “Aurora” were beamed into Space in 2013. “1420” was inspired by the WOW! Signal.


This year not only sees Arthur writing and recording the new Penguin Cafe Album (release 2016), as well as acting as producer on several new projects but also returning to field of Space, working with ground breaking Astrophysicists Samaya Nissanke and Jean Michel Desert, on a new audio visual experience, realised with Marshmallow Laser Feast, exploring Samaya and Jean Michel's latest discoveries in Gravitational Waves and Exoplanets respectively. 


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Space Music

by Arthur Jeffes

Music from the forthcoming collaboration with astrophysicists Samaya Nissanke and Jean-Michel Desert and visual designers Marshmallow Laser Feast... VISIT THE PROJECT  


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